Squee, the Immortal ! Has there been a harder card to deal with as a commander? Not really. That's why I decided for a challenge, the deck CANNOT contain any creature capable of killing him, nor may any creature in, or created by, the deck may be larger or more imposing than its general (including morph, the ability to tap for 1 damage, or any other means that might injure the poor goblin). Let the bloody goblin onslaught begin!


Smoke and Crawlspace help minimize the opposing forces heading in, while Nuisance Engine and Kher Keep provide easy chumps until Darksteel Myr and Stuffy Doll can come out to play. I ended up opting out of Blood Moon , as it tends to draw more hate in larger games, and Squee needs to be underestimated in those situations. Ghirapur AEther Grid allows the equipment to pull double duty, killing off weak creatures before they even get going, and the living weapons provide short-term blockers before squee puts them on. Darksteel Forge is boardwipe insurance, or, if nothing else, something that forces the target to exile it, instead of some other piece of equipment.


I Won't lie - the sole reason Bludgeon Brawl is in the deck is because the mental image of squee beating someone with Darksteel Forge or its like is too damn funny. The fact that it gives the deck some extra versatility once squee has his regular pants on is a bonus. Strata Scythe and Bonehoard are usually the bigger boosts, but the higher priority is getting squee out of ping range. for that reason, I opted towards the lower end of equip costs, with Grafted Wargear , Champion's Helm , or Tenza, Godo's Maul . in addition, Hero's Blade and Stormrider Rig can auto equip when squee hits play. Magebane Armor or Darksteel Plate are crucial to get on squee asap, as the global removal is a bit hard on him. Granted, he is usually pretty cheap to re-cast, but it takes more mana to re-equip him each time as well.

on an unrelated note, I personally hate infect as a mechanic, and treat it as wither. the sole reason I have something in the deck with it is because the card in question is far supperior to the only other source of wither - Blight Sickle (which I will credit to being a great play on words).

Stupid Combos:

Liquimetal Coating + Shattering Pulse turns into permanent removal

Any of these equipment + any of these Nukes for one sided removal

UPDATE: with Squee, the Immortal , this deck will be getting some major updates. just altered it to roughly reflect the real deck.


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