Skeletons is one of my favorite tribes in magic and I had a 60 card singleton deck for quite some time. Prime choice of cards is flavor not power. So this is really a casual EDH deck. But it is a lot a fun to pilot and the artworks are awesome.

For a skeleton Commander who is also a skeleton him/herself you don't have much chioces:

  • Skeleton Ship: For favor a great choice but the card is horrible and most of the skeletons do not support the mechanics of the card. You can make an interesting and fun to play deck with the ship but I myself don't find the card suited as commander for a skeleton tribal deck.
  • Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon: This card cry's for a Voltron Commander deck, but for an tribal skelton deck he suites also.

Most skeltons are black but we have also other colors represented:

So all in all not enough skeltons in any other color to justife a second color. Let have a look at other choices for a commander inn Mono Black:

Their are many other options but for flavor I myself decided to use Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon

First I start with my picks for the deck

  • Augur of Skulls: 1/1 for two mana is nearly normal for skeletons and the effect is quite good. Auto include!
  • Bone Dragon: 5/4 flying for 5 mana. This crad is a beast. Auto include!!!
  • Carrionette: 1/1 for two mana. So far so good. The effect is nice an relevant in a lot of games.
  • Champion of Stray Souls: 4/4 for six mana. Not the best option but we need stronger cards than the regular 1/1s
  • Cinderbones: 1/1 for three mana. Whiter with only 1 point power is normally not relevant. He is on the edge to get cutted.
  • Dimir House Guard: 2/3 for four mana and the regenerate effect is horrible. But his transmute ability is where he shines. We can tutor for Grave Pact, Chill to the Bone and Door of Destinies.
  • Drift of the Dead: With 33 Snow-covered Swamps in the deck this card is a great defense.
  • Drudge Sentinel: 2/1 for three mana. Not that good. But a skeleton that can be indestructible is good. At least better than some other skeletons ;-)
  • Drudge Skeletons: 1/1 for two mana with regeneration for one mana. Standard for skeletons an god enough for the deck.
  • Duty-Bound Dead: That is the problem with janky tribe. You have to play cards like him. At least his exalted ability helps our commander to finish the game with two unblocked attacks instead of three
  • Flayed Nim: 2/2 for four mana and some form of evasion. Good enough for the deck.
  • Gutterbones: 2/1 for one mana. Normally not relevant in commander games. But we don't have a lot of options.
  • Kjeldoran Dead: 3/1 for one mana and sacrifice of a creature. Normally no problem in a skeleton deck. I like him a lot.
  • Lim-Dul's High Guard: This is a classic from the old days and still a good skeleton.
  • Marang River Skeleton: A clearly better Drudge Skeletons but I think I have never uses the megamorph ;-)
  • Marrow Bats: 4/1 flying for five! mana. This card is bad but we don have a lot of flying skeletons. So we take the pill and move on.
  • Paragon of Open Graves: 2/2 for four mana with an lord effect and a relevant ability. Yes please your in.
  • Phyrexian Monitor: 2/2 for four mana with regeneration. OK.
  • Reassembling Skeleton: He/she cames back and back and back... A classic with Grave Pact and an sac-outlet. Auto Include!
  • Restless Bones: 1/1 for three mana isn't that good even for a skeleton but the ability to give any creature swampwalk is good enough.
  • Restless Dead: Another Druge skeleton
  • Rimebound Dead: With only snow-covered swamps in the deck a better Druge skeleton
  • Skeletal Kathari: 3/2 flying for five mana. But the same as with Marrow Bats
  • Skeletal Snake: 2/1 vanilla for two mana. Not good but I started magic with Portal an so the card is in only for sentimental reasons.
  • Skeletal Vampire: 3/3 flying an two flying bats for sic mana is good. Auto include!
  • Skeletal Wurm 7/6 with regeneration for eight mana. No one with any sense would play Scaled Wurm and I play this guy only because we need beaters in this deck.
  • Skeleton Archer 3/3 for four mana is OK. The effect is normally not relevant.
  • Skeleton Scavengers This is a interessing skeleton with a very nice artwork.
  • Tenacious Dead Slighty worse than Reassembling Skeleton but with Grave Pact good enough
  • Unworthy Dead: Another Druge skeleton
  • Wall of Bone: On the edge for a cut.


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