A Standard deck based on Noose Constrictor and Peace of Mind as discard engines to fuel their abilities and fuel a mid- to late-game Splendid Reclamation. Gets land in the GY via discarding to Noose Constrictor and Peace of Mind , as well as via cycling. The win-cons are Noose Constrictor attack and, since I plan on having a lot of land in play after it's discarded and brought back with Splendid Reclamation (haha), fire-balling with Avacyn's Judgment cast via Madness and life loss/drain from Aftermath-ing Cut / Ribbons and casting Alms of the Vein via Madness. Control via Cast Out, Forsake the Worldly, Immolating Glare , and chumping Servant of the Conduit mid- to late-game. Not a big deal if I can't cast the Cut part of Cut / Ribbons ; it can just be discard fuel, as I want it in the GY anyway. And yes, I know I have more than the recommended number of lands (that's on purpose, and I wouldn't mind a few more)! Not sure at all about the SB yet.

This is a first draft so please comment, make suggestions, and upvote!


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