This isn't a deck that is made to be too competitive. But any suggestions would be really appreciated. Also I want to keep this standard.

Turn 1:

Doomed Traveler or Judge's Familiar

Turn 2:

Play Intangible Virtue or Favorable Winds.

Turn 3:

Cast Lingering Souls or play like a pro and cast Midnight Haunting during your opponents turn and if you don't have Lingering Souls or Midnight Haunting play Drogskol Captain. I always pick Lingering Souls over Midnight Haunting on turn 3 because its better to have Lingering Souls in the graveyard ready for the flash back. Also Midnight Haunting is an instant and is good to have in the bank.

Turn 4:

Play what ever is in your hand. On turn 4 you can swing for a minimum of 4 damage, I usually deal 6 damage or 8 damage, but I have swung for 12 damage after gaining a token from a dead Doomed Traveler.

Turn 5 and on can vary, miracle casting Entreat the Angels, playing the 1 Sphinx's Revelation I own, or giving your creatures lifelink and deathtouch with Vault of the Archangel....


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