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In early game, this deck sets up draws and pumps out spirits. Drogskol Captain + image, or another Captain is always fun. Geist of Saint Traft adds wicked beats, and Favorable Winds helps most creatures in this deck.

If the game goes long, It's likely because my creatures have been killed...problem? I thought not!

With just one or two Phantasmal Images in the 'yard, Sun Titan says Hiiii!!!!, and generally will finally bring back another captain or a geist. It's wicked fun all day long.

Still in playtesting, if you like it, leave a comment or a +1!


Took third! Highest I've taken in a very very long time. (I don't make good decks, as it were.)

I found myself boarding out Geist of Saint Traft and Favorable Winds every matchup. I think I'll remove Favorable Winds completely, replace with 2-3 DoJ, and move Geist to the SB in favor and use 2x Unburial Rites in the main.


BrianH369 says... #6

Any type of Solar Flare-esque deck benefits fro Forbidden Alchemy . The card is insane with Sun Titan recursion and Lingering Souls .

You might consider putting in some number of Darkslick Shores and Seachrome Coast s in place of the Evolving Wilds as well.

I'm playing a somewhat similar Solar Flare-ish build. Take a look here:

UWb Tapout Control (Boner Valley)

June 16, 2012 12:38 p.m.

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