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Spiny Starfish - Legacy

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What the hell is this deck?

Well firstly we have our Star of the show: Spiny Starfish the main goal of this deck is to regenerate the star as many times as possible using Prodigal Sorcerer. Yes this is silly and No I wouldn't expect it to work very often. My whole point in making this deck was to try to make a tribal deck for Starfish, which has only 2 cards total.

Some ways to pillow fort and prevent damage from enemies, such as Propaganda, Crawlspace, and Maze of Ith as well as Counterspells to take care of scary stuff. This way your starfish don't get trampled.
Good question Mr. Strawman. The end goal for the deck is to have a big board of starfish from Spiny Starfish and then to swing at your enemy, even if they are 0/1s still. Your opponent may block them with any creature they might have and that's when you activate your trap card! Using High Tide (if needed) and other artifacts you ramp out Whir of Invention and bring out Coat of Arms, hopefully obliterating your opponent.
For ramp we have Silver Myr and High Tide.

For control there is Cyclonic Rift and Counterspell.

Need card draw? Preordain and Howling Mine have you covered + Sigiled Starfish for filtering through cards.

That should be everything!


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