So this deck is a tribute to BDM's Spider Spawning EDH build.NOTE: This deck really does need Doubling Season Vampiric Tutor and Demonic Tutor but I'm cheap, so screw it.

The goal of this build is to overwhelm with spider tokens and occasionally zombie tokens. How is that done you ask?

Well the answer is a ton of self-mill and a card named Spider Spawning.

I know your next question, "How do you cast one card in an EDH deck multiple times?"

Here's how...Eternal Witness, Greenwarden of Murasa, Memory's Journey, Nyx Weaver. You can even Flashback Spider Spawning into exile, and still retrieve it with Runic Repetition and Riftsweeper.

Now what do you do with all the tokens? Same as most token decks. Get Beastmaster Ascension out, or cast Craterhoof Behemoth.....or you can have Essence of the Wild out, Wonder in your graveyard and attack with twenty-two 6/6 flying spider tokens.

Another way to win is Kessig Cagebreakers which can get absurd in a deck like this.

One quick tip...always target yourself with Hedron Crab (unless you can 1-shot mill someone with a massive Splendid Reclamation)

I've currently been debating adding in Ishkanah, Grafwidow, but spots are way too tight as is, so its doubtful she makes the cut.

Well, that's it....not really, but that's all I'm willing to type right now....soooo yeah...Good Luck High Five?

Token Time:

I'm particular/slightly obsessed with tokens. So, these are the tokens I use in this deck....ya know, in case you were wondering

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