Jeskai Draw-Go is a Control deck that aims to make the game go as possible by keeping the board clear with Supreme Verdict and Path to Exile, keeping the stack clear with Cryptic Command and Logic Knot, and then casting a huge Secure the Wastes and ending the game in 2 or 3 turns. To do this, our deck consists of a few basic components- lands, removal, win conditions, card advantage, and counterspells.
Lands may seem like a weird thing to talk about first in a Control deck, but theyre essential to us casting our spells, and some of them even serve as win conditions.

0-2 Arid Mesa: This fetchland is the worst of the three in our colors, simply because it does not fetch a basic Island. Running 2 because of budget requirements is sometimes an occurrence, but I dont suggest running this unless you already have them in your collection.

3-4 Celestial Colonnade: The most powerful manland in the colors, this card does it all for Jeskai. Taps for mana early, and becomes a win condition lategame, the only downside is that it can make the curve awkward. I run three, but I would not fault you for running four.

0-1 Desolate Lighthouse: This decks landbase has space for 1-2 utility lands, and I highly recommend Lighthouse be your first choice. In grindy matchups it makes up for itself threefold when you and your opponent are trading draw steps. I have seen decent lists the omit it from their 75, but I strongly advocate the one-of.

0-1 Field of Ruin: Usually the 25th land in the list is the LD one, and the addition of FoR in XLN trumps both Tectonic Edge and Ghost Quarter for me.

3-4 Flooded Strand: Fetchlands are essential to the deck. They fix mana, meet color requirements, and provide fodder for Logic Knot, and help flip your Search for Azcanta  Flip. Run at least three Flooded Strand, and run four unless you decide to play some Arid Mesa.

0-1 Ghost Quarter: The other utility land you can include, this one got the bin once Azcanta was printed since we cut it down to 24 lands, but you can still play one if your LGS has a lot of problematic lands.

1-2 Hallowed Fountain: This is our most important shockland, because is more represented in this deck then . Again, running one because of budget requirements are not unreasonable, but I strongly advocate two.

3 Island: These are the best basic in the deck, because the deck is mostly based. Run three, as you want to be able to cast Cryptic Command under a Blood Moon.

0-1 Mountain: I dont like playing basic Mountain in the Draw-Go Version because it has less in it then the tempo build, but some choose to include it.

1 Plains: This is more of a necessity than the Mountain, because is a lot more prevalent in this list than . Basics are quite important, as this manabase does deal you a lot of damage.

0-1 Sacred Foundry: Jeskai is almost always able to find space for a fifth shock in its landbase, but some people omit it in favor of another land like a Sulfur Falls.

3-4 Scalding Tarn: This is one of the more expensive pieces of the deck. Running three and an Arid Mesa is not unheard of, but the full four Scalding Tarn is a necessity in most Jeskai decks.

1-2 Steam Vents: Most lists run a pair, but some cut it down to one in favor of another land because of a skewed list.

1-2 Sulfur Falls: Again, 2 is the standard in most lists, but I have chosen to play a Spirebluff Canal instead of a second Sulfur Falls because Canal comes in untapped up to turn three, and I would rather have a land that comes in untapped turns 1-3 than a land that comes in untapped turns 4+ because we already have so many of those.

1-2 Electrolyze: When I started playing Jeskai, I thought this card was terrible Its really something you have to play with to know how good it is, but you have to trust me and play a couple copies. I would advocate two.

3-4 Lightning Bolt: Bolt is the best direct damage spell ever printed in Modern, but we arent Jeskai Tempo. We arent looking for a way to close the game with burn, we already have Secure the Wastes for that. Bolt is supposed to be another removal spell, and we dont want to overload on removal. Four Bolts is fine, especially in a creature-heavy metagame, but I prefer three.

2-3 Lightning Helix: This card provides a 6-life swing for . Run at least two, but three copies is idea.

4 Path to Exile: Best removal spell ever printed. Play four.

2-3 Supreme Verdict: Again, I like two when youre heading to a larger tournament, but I have played three to great success before. Either number works, but three is best in creature-heavy metas.

0-1 Nahiri, the Harbinger: The usual suspect in this slot is an Ajani Vengeant, but Nahiri has actually been overperforming in testing. She can actually destroy the tapped permanent instead of just keeping it tapped down, and grabbing a Gearhulk off the ult is a great value play because it returns to your hand afterward. You'd also be surprised at the number of people who scoop upon seeing a Nahiri oon eight loyalty.

0-1 Gideon, Ally of Zendikar: I've been recommended this, so it's still in testing.

1 Secure the Wastes: Universally played as a one-of in Jeskai Draw-Go, this card is one of the only dedicated win conditions in our deck. You could play a White Sun's Zenith in its place, but I strongly suggest the Secure.

0-1 Torrential Gearhulk: Some lists play 4 Snap, but I prefer 3 Snap and a Gearhulk. Plenty of lists play a playset of Snap though, so its really personal preference.

1 Sphinx's Revelation: The iconic card for Control decks in Modern, it lets you refill your hand and life total lategame, which is invaluable to grinding out opponents.

2 Search for Azcanta  Flip: This card is the literal nuts. I cram 2 of these into almost every deck I can, and it usually works out. Youre actively hurting yourself if you dont.

4 Serum Visions: Best cantrip in Modern. Run four.

3-4 Snapcaster Mage: The best blue creature printed in Modern. Gives us insane utility, and the only time when you shouldnt run four is when you have a one-of Torrential Gearhulk in your list. I prefer the full playset, but many people opt for just three.

3-4 Cryptic Command: If youre building this deck, then this is one of the card youre building it for. Whether youre countering a game-changing spell or tapping your opponent's creatures to buy yourself a turn, Cryptic Command does it all. Four copies is a must in my opinion, although some decks only play three in their 75.

2-3 Logic Knot: The flexibility of Knot is where its strength lies. Its often cast in the early game as a pseudo Force Spike, and then cast in the lategame for equaling 10+. This card will generally never be a dead draw. There has been recent debate about its number in the list, though. For a while, 3 was a must. Now that was have Search for Azcanta  Flip, whether to run two or three is up for debate. I still prefer three, but people have been known to run two.

0-2 Mana Leak: Less meta-dependent than the other two, as it's not as narrow. Play it right, and Leak still hits some spells lategame.

0-1 Negate: Meta-dependent counterspell. Replace with Mana Leak, Spell Snare, or any other low-cost counterspell..

0-1 Spell Snare: Another metagame counterspell choice. Flavor to taste.

0-2 Blessed Alliance: A great tool against Eldrazi Tron and Burn, this spells real strength lies in its versatility.

0-2 Celestial Purge: Good against Shadow, and one of our only clean answers to a resolved Liliana of the Veil.

0-2 Ceremonious Rejection: I prefer these over Relics at the moment. Narrow but powerful counterspell for Eldrazi Tron, Lantern, and Affinity.

1-2 Dispel: One of our best tools against Storm and Burn, Dispel has been a mainstay in Jeskai sideboards for a very long time. One is a minimum, but two is optimal.

0-1 Engineered Explosives: One of the sweepers to consider for your sideboard.

0-1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion: Comes in when we need more win conditions, or when the games are gonna get really grindy. One is recommended, but not essential.

0-1 Izzet Staticaster: Great against Tokens and x/1s, this has also been a Jeskai mainstay in the board as a one-of for me pretty much since it was printed.

1 Negate: A narrow counterspell that hits some very powerful cards. Play one in the side.

0-2 Relic of Progenitus: This is the best piece of universal graveyard hate, but if you know your metagame well, you could play Surgical Extraction, Rest in Peace or any other piece of hate. Id run two hate cards regardless of meta and choice.

1-2 Supreme Verdict: One is the standard, but two is acceptable depending on meta. You need at least two sweepers total, and the standard split is a singular Supreme Verdict and one Engineered Explosives.

1-2 Vendilion Clique: Great against Combo and decent against almost anything, at least one copy of Clique is universally played in almost every single Jeskai sideboard.

0-1 Wear / Tear: Again, this is a staple in all Jeskai sideboards. Some people have taken to running a one-of Abrade over it, and Im pretty interested to test it.


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So Jace, the Mind Sculptor was unbanned in Modern, along with Bloodbraid Elf. I personally think that unbanning BBE was fine, but unbanning Jace is ridiculous. Brainstorm should not be in Modern. Anyways, I have a decklist set aside for Jaces, and if you'd like to see it, just ask me. I personally have no Jaces, so I'll be playing this list for a month or so, unless someone wants to trade me one. I'm also looking into running a Field of Ruin in place of a Glacial Fortress, and potentially a second in place of a Spell Snare. This unban is gonna be one hell of a ride.

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