Jeskai Geist is a Tempo/Control deck that focuses on sticking a Geist of Saint Traft, keeping the board clear with direct damage and Path to Exile, keeping the stack clear with cards like Cryptic Command and Spell Queller, and ending the game with a few quick swings. To do this, our deck consists of a few basic components- lands, removal, win conditions, card advantage, and counterspells.
Lands may seem like a weird thing to talk about first in a deck, but theyre essential to us casting our spells, and some of them even serve as win conditions.

0-2 Arid Mesa: This fetchland is the worst of the three in our colors, simply because it does not fetch a basic Island. Running 2 because of budget requirements is sometimes an occurrence, but I dont suggest running this unless you already have them in your collection.

3-4 Celestial Colonnade: This land is essential to almost any Jeskai deck I ever build. It can cause some awkward curves, but its also amazing at closing out quick games versus our bad matchups. Run at least three, but I highly suggest four.

3-4 Flooded Strand: Fetchlands are essential to the deck. They fix mana, meet color requirements, and provide fodder for Logic Knot. Run at least three Flooded Strand, and run four unless you decide to play some Arid Mesa.

1-2 Hallowed Fountain: This is our most important shockland, because is more represented in this deck then . Again, running one because of budget requirements are not unreasonable, but I strongly advocate two.

3 Island: These are the best basic in the deck, because the deck is mostly based. Run three, as you want to be able to cast Cryptic Command under a Blood Moon.

0-1 Mountain: Some people exclude this from their list in favor of something like a Desolate Lighthouse, but I dont think the manabase adequately supports colorless lands, and being able to fetch the ol Mountain in a pinch is a great luxury.

1 Plains: This is more of a necessity than the Mountain, because is a lot more prevalent in this list than . Basics are quite important, as this manabase does deal you a lot of damage.

0-1 Sacred Foundry: Jeskai is almost always able to find space for a fifth shock in its 60, but some people omit it in favor of another land like a Sulfur Falls.

3-4 Scalding Tarn: This is one of the more expensive pieces of the deck. Running three and an Arid Mesa is not unheard of, but the full four Scalding Tarn is a necessity in most Jeskai decks.

1-2 Steam Vents: Most lists run a pair, but some cut it down to one in favor of another land because of a skewed list.

1-2 Sulfur Falls: Again, 2 is the standard in most winning lists, but some play a split of Glacial Fortress.

1-2 Electrolyze: This is amazing at cleaning up after a couple Lightning Bolt to some x/4 or x/5 creatures. With the resurgence of Humans, its become one of the premium removal spells in our deck/

4 Lightning Bolt: This is the best direct damage spell printed. Run four.

3-4 Lightning Helix: This card causes a 6 life swing for . Its a lowkey broken as hell, but theres only so many direct damage spells we can cram in. I know plenty of lists that run four, but Ive found three to be the optimal number.

4 Path to Exile: Best removal spell ever printed. Run four.

2-3 Geist of Saint Traft: You should run at least two, but I strongly suggest three, and I think you're actively hurting yourself by not playing three.

0-1 Vendilion Clique: I've been having great success running 2 Geist and one Clique, but the Clique in the main is totally optional.

0-4 Opt: I personally dont think this card should be played in the Jeskai Tempo shell, but plenty of lists run it and have success. Play only in addition to 4 copies of Serum Visions.

0-2 Search for Azcanta  Flip: This is another card that I dislike in the Tempo shell. Its really good in the Draw-Go style of Jeskai decks, but this one has better things to be doing at 3 mana, and its not as impactful because we close out the game so fast with Geist of Saint Traft.

0-4 Serum Visions: Some lists have taken to running Opt instead, but additional cantrips should only be added after a playset of Serum Visions is incorporated. Serum Visions is simply the better cantrip- it lets us see deeper after sideboarding, even though it has the drawback of being sorcery speed.

4 Snapcaster Mage: The best blue creature every printed for Modern, IMO. I really cant stress the importance of playing the full four.

3-4 Cryptic Command: The number here is pretty much based on personal preference. Dont run less than three, but four is certainly viable.

3-4 Logic Knot: The original list ran 4 Logic Knot, but the number has since been cut back to three. Some lists run none at all, but I think you actively hurt your deck doing so. 3 is the optimal number for me. After extensive testing, 4 Knot and 4 Snap put too much pressure on the graveyard.

4 Spell Queller: I knew how busted this card would be in Modern because of how good it was when it was first released in Jeskai Flash. Lightning Bolt was the most played card in Modern back then, and Queller was still insane. Now, Bolt is at a low, and Queller is even better. It counters a spell, puts a body on board, and even gets around stuff like the Abrupt Decay uncounterability clause. Theres really no argument against running four.

1-2 Celestial Purge: One of our cleanest answers to a resolved Liliana of the Veil, and its especially good with Shadow as a major metagame player. Id keep one in the board regardless of meta.

0-2 Ceremonious Rejection: This card has been cut from most Tempo sideboards since the Eldrazi Tron matchup is already so bad, and they often negate it regardless because of their Chalice of the Void. I dont really like it any more, but I can still see people running it.

0-2 Disdainful Stroke: This is a sideboard card popularized by Harlan Firer, and its like a Ceremonious Rejection versus Eldrazi Tron because almost all their spells are 4+ CMC. I would run two, regarldess of meta.

1-2 Dispel: Our most effective counterspell against Gifts Storm and Burn, Dispel is a narrow but powerful counterspell that has has pulled its weight in this decks sideboard since the beginning of Jeskai. Run at least one, but two is strongly recommended, no matter your metagame.

1-2 Engineered Explosives: A very versatile sweeper because we have three colors in our deck, most lists opt for one, but I can see running two in a creature-heavy meta.

0-2 Izzet Staticaster: Very effective against token strategies, Staticaster is another mainstay in Jeskai sideboards. I recommend at least one, even in Control-heavy metas.

0-1 Negate: An effective counterspell that seems narrow, but really isnt. This comes in against spell-based decks. Id advise one, unless your LGS has no spell decks.

0-2 Pia and Kiran Nalaar: Another sideboard card popularized by Firer, we bring this in against grindy matchups like mirrors and Eldrazi Tron. If your meta lacks these, than Id skip them.

0-2 Runed Halo: Amazing against Combo, and thats really the only thing we have it in there for. I wouldnt recommend it unless you have a decent amount of Combo at your store, and then Id run two. One is not impactful at all.

0-2 Relic of Progenitus: This is the best piece of universal graveyard hate, but if you know your metagame well, you could play Surgical Extraction, Rest in Peace or any other piece of hate. Id run two hate cards regardless of meta and choice.

0-2 Supreme Verdict: One is the standard, but two is acceptable depending on meta. You need at least two sweepers total, and the standard split is a singular Supreme Verdict and one Engineered Explosives.

0-2 Vendilion Clique: Great against Combo and decent against almost anything, at least one copy of Clique is universally played in almost every single Jeskai sideboard.

0-1 Wear / Tear: Again, this is a staple in all Jeskai sideboards. Some people have taken to running a one-of Abrade over it, and Im pretty interested to test it.


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Jafjaf5 says... #3

I love control so I am partial to this deck. However, I do not have $1,150 to spend on a control deck. Could you make this more budget or just make a budget version and link it in the description?

December 15, 2017 9:22 a.m.

420bootywizard says... #4

I saw a list that ran 2 Clique and no Geist. Looked pretty sweet, might be worth trying!

December 15, 2017 3 p.m.

tlhunter07 says... #5

@Jafjaf5: Yeah, I would stick to something non-Control even though it's your favorite. I played Bogles for about six months one time because I didn't have the sufficient funds to rebuild Jeskai after selling it. The core cards Celestial Colonnade, Snapcaster Mage, and Cryptic Command are all quite expensive. I slowly built up to this, and I only just bought Tarns about 3-4 months ago. I would suggest investing in a cheap deck that's easy to play, and then slowly building the more expensive deck that you WANT to play.

@420bootywizard: You can cut 2 Geist of Saint Traft, 4 Serum Visions, and a Cryptic for 2 Resto, a second Clique, and four Opt if you don't like Geist.

December 15, 2017 4:26 p.m.

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