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Madness. Very angry version. On purpose Onslaught edition and older as it is a nostalgia deck. It is also supposed to be a casual deck for friendly playing on a budget (you can build this whole thing for about ten dollars). The GU madness used to be a legendary cool deck of its time and I wanted to make a GR version, originally inspired by Bola Warrior I fished out in a store for like five cents.

The main purpose is to get Roar of the Wurm into the graveyard asap (likely boosting up the Wild Mongrel) and pull out a 6/6 Wurm token on turn 4.Your main madness-driving guy in attack stages is the Stampede Driver who makes sure the Wurm tokens become a 7/7 trample creatures and also boosts your Arrogant Wurm to a lovely 5/5.Dawnstrider could act as a nice tempo card for you to put out a creature or play your red spells in opponent's turn while sparing you some damage at the same time. Similarly, you can also play Kris Mage to weaken a creature or just zap your opponent for one in his turn. Bola Warrior may help with Provoke ability as it can be used to protect your own creature (best combined with a red spell).

In case you get short on mana, Quirion Elves might help with missing red (as there is strangely never enough of it).

If ever you do not win fast and the opponent has big flyers, Latulla, Keldon Overseer could be the last-resort answer (as it is very costly to play her indeed). Because Plummet is way too new for this deck.

Your main problem actually might be too many options for each turn - it looks like this is a strangely tempo and "descend into tank" deck for a GR. Improvements welcome (it was drafted ages ago and actually never got to building this one for real).

I also accidentally realized that Blast from the Past was an Unhinged card, who would have thought? With all the new fancy mechanics out there, it comes accross like such a credible card :D So I reshuffled the deck not to include it (and it made it much cheaper).


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