I chose to go for multiple End-Raze Forerunners rather than the typical Emrakul/Ulamog route because I think route is held by back by various planeswalkers in today's meta. By killing my opponent the turn I cast Indomitable Creativity , I don't give then an opportunity to bounce my threats or address them at sorcery speed.

A perfect game goes as follows:

T1 scry land, set up next draw T2 Magma Jet , scry T3 Giant Opportunity , make 3 food T4 Irencrag Feat -> Indomitable Creativity , targeting your 3 food. Replace food with 3x 11/11 hastytramples. Swing.

Lessons learned in playtesting:

While x=3 is a complete blowout (minimum 29 trample haste damage), if the opponent has shocked or you have hit them in the face with a magma jet, x=2 is acceptable.

Counterspells and thoughtseize are obviously a nightmare, which is why the SB is the way it is. I usually take out Weirding wood first for SB cards. If Wild Slash is bad in the matchup, it's the thing to cut first.

A 3-4 land hand is preferred, but 2 lands can be keepable if one is a scryland, the other comes in untapped, AND you have a magma jet in hand. This basically means you see at least 5 cards before you have to try to hit your 3rd land drop. 6 cards if on the draw.

Even against control, I do not cut irencrag feat game 2. This is a lesson I have learned from playing this deck on MTGO a bit. The reason being that, in games 2 and 3, you go up to 3 Chandra, awakened inferno. The control players almost always let irencrag feat resolve, because they want to 2 for 1 you when you go to cast Indomitable Creativity. Then, you cast an Awakened Inferno T4. This is usually GG.

Irencrag feat only gets you 1 turn closer to casting End-raze forerunners, as it needs 3 pips. This is obviously like plan B at this point, but it has won me plenty of games. 3 goblins and an End-raze forerunner is 16 damage coming at the opponent.


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