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This is version 3 of my Modern sacrifice deck, which I have attempted to blend with my black ramp deck. Played in a tournament last weekend, and it almost worked out in the wild - needs to be a bit more controlling in the early game or maybe I just need to play it better!

The plan is to kill early threats and ramp quickly into a big threat. If they manage to play a big threat I block with multiple Pawn of Ulamog to make Eldrazi Spawn; or I can use Multilate for the same effect. With Grave Pact out, spawn keep the opponent creatureless. (And give me mana to cast another Skittering Invasion). I finish by dropping Griselbrand, or draining their life with Blood Artist. Liliana Vess offers tutoring and an alt win con in the shape of her ultimate.

Opponents with few creatures in their decks get treated to Desecration Demon in place of Grave Pact.


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