New Creatureless Superfriends Project I'd rather work on my own this time.

Now looking back, maybe I do want help to build this, but what to replace for creatures, and; what Walkers to add/remove?

I'll do anything to learn by myself how to make a deck on my own. And I'll realize my place after this.

That said, expect some crazed Tutoring & relentless effects.

Actually, I think this Lotus has yet to fully Blossom...

Though the previous version of this Deck, & this iteration didn't have options for the Following...

Ways to beat cards that:

-Kills Counters/Tokens

-Exiles all Planeswalkers

-Prevents them as a type from being Played

-Shut their abilities down.

-Forced into using your Hand.

Any Noncreature cards that can respond to any of these would be very great.

After I get some info for all that, I'll try and finish this myself. :D

Though one thing still eludes me: what should I add for a Sen Triplets Aikido Deck? I've no idea what it is... :/

Regardless, thanks in advance for whatever help you can! ^_^

(Oh, & one last thing: I still need help on Color Identity & Personality Meaning. Really. Any help is appreciated...


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