Savra, Queen of the Golgari

I've been working and on this deck and have play-tested it out at two of my LGS. So far, it's been pretty solid. I still need to find and put together a solid mana-base for it.

Dredge-ing is your best friend here.

Notable cards:

1-Rot Farm Skeleton and Shambling Shell have been (whenever I've Dredged or drawn into them) probably the most useful cards in the deck. They both trigger Savra when sac'd and can both be fetched from the grave with the added bonus of filling up the grave with more goodies. Reassembling Skeleton is also a solid reoccurring creature to sacrifice.

2-All of my sacrificing engines! Without these guys, Savra wouldn't of much use unfortunately. The top few favorites of mine would have to be Atrition, Dread Return, and Sadistic Hypnotist, Birthing Pod, and Thoughtpicker Witch.

3-I enjoy the hell out of cards like Blood Artist, Grave Pact, Golgari Germination, and Ogre Slumlord mostly due to the fact they provide extra fun stuff whenever the player sacrifices a creature.

4-Millikin and Fa'adiyah Seer both work very well with filling up the grave.

5-Vengeful Pharaoh was traded to me by chance in a bulk rare trade for a Godless Shrine. Since then it's been a graveyard favorite of mine since it provides a free kill and can be Dredge back into the grave.

6-Every reanimation spell and fatty that I could come across. It That Betrays will always be the prime pick due to the fact that if I trigger Savra, anything they sacrifice will end up on my side of the board.

That's pretty much it for the most part. Always open for suggestions!

(Yes, I know that the manabase is a little less than desirable right now, but good land is expensive! So I'm still working on it :P)



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