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When you search for cards with a characteristic("Cards with different names" for example in your library) in a hidden zone, you may fail to find any of the cards, as you are not required to reveal the hidden zone. We'll take advantage of this with the card Gifts Ungiven. At face value, it's a semi-tutor at instant speed. If you wanna find 4 cards, we have plenty of cards that have the same purpose and different names. However, if you want to go the Frites route and combo on turn 4, simply play your Gifts Ungiven EOT your opponent's turn 4, finding only 2 cards( say, Iona, Shield of Emeria and Unburial Rites). Your opponent still has to choose 2 cards to go to the grave, and now they must send your Rites and Bomb to the grave. Untap, draw, flashback Rites. Get your bomb(there's Sphinx vs RDW, Iona vs everything, Griselbrand vs Control, and Norn vs weenies/affinity/Zoo). It's classic Esper Control that has the chance to take the aggressive role very early on if the matchup allows. Going to bring this to a modern tournament when I'm done developing, so I can roflcopter all over the place. Snapcaster Mage is there to pick up the slack for cards that get put into your graveyard. So, a good chunk of the time, you're tutoring up 4 cards for 4 mana, 2 of which have their mana cost "increased" by 1U, and supply a 2/1 body. Good stuff?


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Anyone have thoughts on the maybeboard? Thinking of freeing up slots for 2 planeswalkers( +1 Elspeth, +1 Gideon)


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