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Inner Dialogue for the inspiration of this deck:If someone had "relations" with Chandra, would their member get burnt? I like Sorin, let's do it!

Basically, with the 4 Hellrider It makes the tokens do burn to the enemies, Add Sorrin's Vamps, Krenko and his goblins, the townsfolk and lingering souls, the purpose is just to throw the tokens at your enemy without so they burn without having to even hit. Chandra's purpose is to do little burns, while copying your Krenko's Command, Gather the Townsfolk, Lingering Souls and hell, even Burn at the Stake Fervor makes the burn faster and the Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble is there to do a little burn when you throw the tokens away and gain a little life in the process.

As always, I welcome some suggestions.


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