Have You ever wondered what would happen if people would play EDH only for fun, just for shit and giggles, not only to score a win? Here i present to You my chaos deck! With this, anything can happen - it has not been created to strictly win, but to deliver fun into your everyday playtime, especially, when Your friends deck are becoming more and more competitive. Damn i hate that stuff.

Thanks for any suggestions :)!


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After a quite a long break, that spanned for about 3 yrs, i've returned to MtG and revisited my decks. When the dust settled down after a few plays, i fifured out, that having to many cards like Thieves Auction, with total board scramble, becomes more annoying than fun to watch. So instead i halved down cards with this mechanic, and added up some more group hug/slag cards, that will allow other players to mess with the rest. F.E. Death Match. C&C is, as always, seen with pleasure!

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