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I'm a very casual player- My roommates and I started playing just a few months ago. This is a deck I've had and worked on for a while. I've revamped it and revised it countless times, including at one point, months ago, purchasing the Boros Battalion preconstructed deck. I'm really just looking for general feedback.

I combo the Blaze Commandos with any of my damage spells to swarm creature tokens. This reminds me of a question I had. If Aurelia's fury deals one damage each to two of my opponent's creatures, do I get 2 or 4 R/W soldier creature tokens?

I have made it intentionally creature-heavy.

Anyways, my Firefist Strikers and Bomber Corps help to get creatures out of the way when I attack. Lately I've been dominating over my roommates with this deck. Is it ready for FNM?


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