Combo/goodstuff deck using Traverse the Ulvenwald to fetch the three Solemnity combos in our deck:

Solemnity/Melira + Phyrexian Unlife = we can't lose the game. Even if they kill Melira, we don't die immediately.

Solemnity/Melira + Glen Elendra Archmage = unlimited blockers and counterspells. Add Viscera Seer for infinite scry or Blasting Station to win the game.

Solemnity/Melira + Kitchen Finks = unlimited blockers. Add Seer for infinite scry and life or Blasting Station to win the game.

Mainboard Discussion

Thought Scour, Mishra's Bauble, Cast Out, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, and cantrips are great ways to increase our graveyard card types (for Traverse, Tarmogoyf, and Ishkanah) and card count (for Baby Jace  Flip, Scooze, and Mystic Enforcer)

Traverse tutors our combo pieces as well as Scooze (grave hate), Goyf (big beater), Eternal Witness (retrieves lost combo pieces, or even "tutors" noncreature pieces milled with Thought Scour), Sower of Temptation (removal), Ishkanah, Mystic Enforcer (best against Death's Shadow), Orzhov Pontiff (-2/-2 if you sac Pontiff with Seer in response to ETB trigger), Aven Mindcensor (mainly for Titan Shift and Storm), and many other sideboard tech.

Sideboard Discussion

Almost all our creatures are power 2 or less, letting us take advantage of Dusk / Dawn, the one-sided board wipe and card advantage engine.


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