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Solemnity deck




Using Solemnity, this deck has three win cons:

1: Using Blasting Station , ideally on turn 4, to repeatedly sacrifice a creature with undying or persist, deal 1 damage to your opponent, then untap Blasting Station when it comes into the battlefield again. With the right draw, an easy, unstoppable turn 4 win.

But this usually wont happen, so we have a few backups.

With Phyrexian Unlife+Solemnity, you can become completely invincible unless they mill you out, which usually gives you time to set up either the blasting station combo, or just...

win con 3: just swamp them with invincible creatures. Since they cant permanently die unless the opponent exiles them, I hope they like their biggest creatures being blocked by a few dozen 1/1's, who immediately come back to attack next turn. Geralfs messenger helps with this, because he comes back to deal some unpreventable damage.

And if they happen to get you down low? No worries, just attack/block with Kitchen Finks to gain a few life points, or sac it with Demonlord of Ashmouth , or use it as the creature fodder for Blasting Station if you feel like getting some meaningless life while killing your opponent.


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