Solar Flare 42

Standard* Control

Demarge Score: 1


Solar Flare with surviving damn aggro in mind... almost tempted to main the Timely Reinforcements. Have Pristine Talisman to gain life... and mana ramp, but most to gain life. dead weights are there to do some synergy with Sun Titan and kill all the threats who dare have small butts.


I originally built this deck to play against delver (made changes immediately after the tournament) and what I got was control 3 rounds in a row! Ran out of time round 1 with me sitting at over 40 life on game 1 (my opponent was running heartless architect, which may not really be control, but it does drag the game on when it's playing against control). Round two if I had 2 more turns I could have made it a tie again, 3rd round was a newer player with a Burning Vengeance deck, beat him with sun titans and jace. round 4-5 I played against aggro, misplayed like crazy and died.

Playtested this deck against a rg infect build that was similar to the one that's been exciting my meta (it's also been apparently destroying other nearby meta's when they badmouth mine...) and I decided to go with a pair of Dead Weight instead of some of my kill spells, I may not be able to kill their creatures when they go to pump and gain extra value, but I can kill for only B and it seems to help quite a bit (also I can kill early mana dorks, delvers, and with the help of Sun Titan Geist of Saint Traft with the old ball and chain).

Also opinions on my sideboard would be greatly appreciated. My meta currently on average gets 18-26 players for FNM. For the past month I seem to be always playing against at least one of each of these kinds of decks. G/X aggro, Delver, Zombies, some kind of 3 color control, and wild defiance infect.


zandl says... #1

Dead Weight is great. It kills small Hexproof creatures when brought back from the graveyard and makes bigger Hexproof creatures easier to deal with.

July 12, 2012 6:27 p.m.

Demarge says... #2

back in the early innistrad meta (the one that was slow as hell being full of solar flare) I remember sticking a Dead Weight on my opponent's Sun Titan on the first of the 5 turns you get for the game going to time. It was the 2nd game and I had won the first, he would have been able to force a draw for the round if the Sun Titan was hitting for 6 instead of 4.

July 12, 2012 6:37 p.m.

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