This is my take on the Solar Flare deck plenty of people are trying in the meta.

I play this deck because its fun, maybe not the best deck now, but I plan to make it competitive. If you have any suggestions or comments PLEASE feel free to comment.

I could not decide between Tragic Slip and Dead Weight . Instant speed is a big thing, and all too many a time do I love snap blocking a dude and Tragic Slip another. Dead Weight can get a few big cards that need to die without morbid though and has great synergy with Sun Titan. Huntsmaster of the Fells being one of these.

Day of Judgment the life-saver card for sure. Aggro decks have a hard to coming back after you fire one of these off. Can they come back? Yes. When you cast the second one do they come back? Unlikely. Solar flare also has no fear to blow your finishers to smoldering ashes as you can just reanimate them back.

Liliana of the Veil. The Queen of reanimation. Now you gotta love her. Any solar flare player knows how good she is, and if you get lucky enough you can flare out a creature on turn 4. Tear down their hand size while putting things that only help you in the graveyard. Its a perfect example of turning a card that seems to have a negative effect, into a very positive one.

Unburial Rites is the Zombify of standard. And you can use it twice if you play it from hand, sure not as powerful as the 4 drop combo, but more realistic.

Forbidden Alchemy is the key to this deck. Filling up your yard while getting what you need is exactly what this deck is about!

Snapcaster Mage. The King of reanimation...for spells! Recasting whatever you need, a counter, a DoJ, a way to get around Forbidden Alchemy's ridiculous FB cost...the list goes on.

Sun Titan is a reanimator in his own. Not only can you bring back Oblivion Ring, Ratchet Bomb and lands, but the king and queen of reanimation themselves. Liliana can act as a sacrifice you can bring back from the grave.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite What a beauty. If you ever get her out on turn 4, your opponent will hate you. And for good reason. She is a huge finisher, and wipes a lot of your opponents board.

Please comment and +1 if you like the way my solar flare is!


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