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So Much Booty: A Treasure Production Deck

Modern* Artifact Combo Control Multiplayer Theme/Gimmick UB (Dimir)



Ahoy mehearty, ye be visitin' this port because ye be searchin' for a Magic deck that helps ye earn the one thing ye be searchin' fer all yer life: Treasure!

Aye, treasure. That glorious resource. The booty finer than all the women found on Tortuga. The shine of it! The smell of it! The goooooooooooooooooooooold!

Well, ye come to the right place me lad. Follow me and I'll show ye the wonders that await you in the marvelous world of treasure production.

Obviously, the goal is to control your opponents as best as you can while stacking treasure for the dream win con.

The dream win con: When Marionette Master is a 4/6 (use fabricate on her) you need to sacrifice 5 treasures to kill an opponent at 20 life. You still get the mana from sacing the treasure, so you can deal damage and activate a Spell Swindle or a Ruthless Knave.

Marionette Master, Mechanized Production, Revel in Riches, and Card:Torment of hailfire all allow you to win a game by accumulating vast amounts of treasure.

Combos: Card:Marionette Master and Card:Tezzeret the Schemer. Tezzeret's -2 ability will allow you to win with just 3 treasure/etherium by making Card:Marionette Master into a 7/3. This is a really useful combo for games where you have low mana and have to keep spending treasure.

Card:Mechanized Production on Card:Gleaming Barrier is really fun. Basically your opponents will have to focus on your ever-growing amount of walls, giving you more treasure in the process. Since Mechanized Production allows you to win as long as you control 8 or more artifacts with the same name, not just the enchanted artifact, you can basically win with walls or treasure, whichever comes first.

Card:Revel In Riches into a Card:Torment of Hailfire force your opponents to think very carefully about their choices. If you manage to cast Card:Torment of Hailfire with improvise via Inspiring Statuary, you're going to be in a really good place since you don't even need to sacrifice treasure.

If you end up side-boarding, I think swapping one or two Heartless Pillage for Spell Swindle, Disallow, or Walk the Plank is most effective based on your needs.


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The deck in its current iteration is doing incredibly well in multiplayer games. I really love playing it and so do my friends when they try it out. Card:Spell Swindle is especially entertaining. I also really like Inspiring Statuary . As it stands, I think that for the most part, the deck isn't going to be seeing much change until Kaladesh and Aether Revolt rotate out of standard in April. Too many of the cards that make this deck effective will be rotating at that point, so I will be converting this deck to modern with the release of Dominaria. The next couple of months are probably going to be devoted to finding even more synergies in the modern format with treasure.



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