Looking for feedback on card selection. I want a deck that ramps lands quick, draws cards when needed, and tramples all while keeping the snow theme.

We have a couple of quick land searchers and land grabbers such as Abundance and Elfhame Sanctuary in addition to green land ramp staples. There is a new land search, Into the North , which allows us to search for Dark Depths for a big beater, Scrying Sheets for deck thinning, or Frostwalk Bastion in the event we can swing with the land.

Admittedly, the draw power in this deck seems weak. for the most part, Mind Unbound will be our main source of draw with a few sorceries mixed in between. Since adding more tap/untap cards, Borrowing 100,000 Arrows can explode out of nowhere allowing us to draw into the larger spells.

Conifer Wurm is a player killer if left unchallenged. With the amount of snow permanents we have, we can activate his ability at the last second to catch folks by surprise. Since we constantly search for lands when needed, we can bring out Panglacial Wurm whenever we have the lands required. Finale of Devastation makes all our creatures massive if X=10 and forces our opponents to figure out a solution quick or be run over.

We can protect ourselves with various fog mechanics and counter spells. Glacial Chasm has us pay life but we a re safe until we decide not to pay anymore. Spore Frog and Sunstone also keeps us safe until we are ready to attack. Ice Cave is probably my favorite card here as players can mess with each others plays. Granted they can also mess with yours but the fun outweighs the frustration in my opinion. In the spirit of forcing our opponents to stay tapped, Power Sink only seems appropriate. For the most part, we should have the most amount of available mana since we can land ramp and save mana with our commander. What is better than one disallow effect? Two of them. Rimewind Cryomancer allows us to use a Disallow effect for one mana. Rimewind Taskmage will allow us to untap her and have her ready for another disallow. Keep in mind that her disallow is much more limited. It can stop planeswalker abilities that may ruin our board state like Ugin, the Spirit Dragon .

I think that covers the bases I hope this deck can cover. If you have any suggestions or recommendations I would really like to hear them.


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Swapped a few lands for cards that cause creatures to stay tapped such as Frost Titan and Wall of Frost. This may allow for my creatures to trample over players or planeswalkers easily. Also added Finale of Devastation as recommended by a comment below.


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