The usual GB snake plus counters strategy that plans to leverage Hadana's Climb off the splash to put on tons of pressure early. The addition of Hadana's Climb allows for some really busted sequences, including a win as early as turn four. It also has great synergy with most creatures in the deck and looks worth it overall. The only thing I'm worried about is the mana. I haven't play tested this at all yet so I'm unsure how shaky the mana truly is but it's definitely not great. That said, this deck applies a ton of pressure which seems good considering all of the control I'm expecting to see in standard with the recent bans.

Most recent update (4/14): -3 Jadelight ranger, -2 Blossoming Defense; +3 Thrashing Brontodon, +1 The Scarab God, +1 Verdurous Gearhulk. The biggest change I made was to cut three Rangers for Brontodons. I think this will be the next evolution of the deck as Brontodon is a key card against a large portion of the meta right now. It blows up opposing Hadana's Climbs in the mirror, it removes GPG against the new UR deck, it blocks well against Scrapheap Scrounger playing B/R aggro while also getting rid of the vehicles they often run, etc. Granted, removing the Rangers eliminates the "non-games" you can get with Climb swinging for absurd amounts in the air on turn 4 or 5 but I think the advantages offered by Brontodon outweigh the potential for more blowouts. With the elimination of more early wins off Climb I then turned to The Scarab God and Verdurous Gearhulk to give more power in the late game. This list took down a 35+ person PPTQ for me this past weekend and I was happy with my card selection but I'm curious to get the input of others.


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