This my build for a U/W spirits. Here's some info on why I have the current selection of cards

3-4x Aether Vial -- finally got 4 of them, Currently running all 4 in deck. I see the use however I'm unsure if I like playing a t1 vial over a giver of runes, or a wanderer.

2x Cavern of Souls -- Running 2 of. No plans of dropping to 1 or adding anymore

1-2x Horizon Canopy/Waterlogged Grove -- I decided to run on of each. Very useful for mid to late game card draw. I wish this deck had room for more card drawing.

1-2x Mutavault -- Very undecided about running these. Though they seem good, I have played with them in other tribal decks ( I have a mono blue illusion deck with them), I have run into issue while needing a colored mana, but being stuck with Mutavault instead. If I do run any, I believe only 1 copy will be played, but very hesitant to run at all.

2x Hanged Executioner -- I'm not sure why, but I really have wanted to run these. They're ability to exile can be extremely helpful. And the additional spirit token is a real bonus to Mausoleum Wanderer. However the 3CMC slot is quite full and I've found it difficult actually finding something else to cut. But would really like to run somehow.

1x Distant Melody -- This deck has an issue of playing thru the hand quickly. I have ran one copy for a mid to late game boost. Usually saved to play to net me upwards of 4 or even 5 cards. Can be a real life saver. This goes for Spectral Sailor aswell, however I dropped my copies in lue of getting 3x Giver of Runes, which have pulled their weight many times over. I run this card on my sideboard at times, have considered even running 2.

2x Saving Grasp -- a card I stumbled across one day by accident. Decided to toss them in on a whim, and was pleasantly surprised. No only did they help save a Spirit from certain exile, but also seemed to pair nicely with Spell Queller, allowing me to intercept a spell, then bump Queller back to my hand. Causing the dirty combo of exiling the quelled spell for good. The affordable flashback allows me to do it again.

4x Pure Intentions -- specifically for a friend that plays a discard deck religiously. I will make sure to put a playset of these in whenever we get together for a night of playing. I'm an ass, I know.

3x Azorius Charm -- Great tempo card in my opinion. Would highly consider running these if I didn't play 2x Thalia.

1x Supreme Verdict - I decided to run this card after playing a couple creature heavy decks in my local meta. IE elves, and b/w with Lingering Souls. Was put in on game 2 and able to let me turn the tempo towards my favor. And eventually win games 2 and 3.

Thassa/Ephara -- have seen decks that's run 1 of either one of these, seem like they would be good game enders, if devotion was met. If not, both of the scry and card draw abilities would come in handy. Still unsure of where to make a cut of I wanted to play.

2x Kataki, War's Wage -- I have these for possible variance meta, or if it evolves into an artifact heavy meta.

2x Mindshrieker -- I found these while searching for 2cmc drops. And thought they could come in handy. I have 4 copies, but run other 2 in bird tribal. Haven't run in deck yet.

2x Dismember - I don't think much explanation is needed for these, though I pulled these once Thalia became a main deck card. And the 4 life loss seems to steep with life loss from fetch and shock lands. Probably won't ever make back into the 75.

Phantasmal Image -- Love these. Have had 3 for my illusion deck for many years. Very helpful for Drogskol Captain. If I decide to build deck out to Bant colors would definitely run 2 or possibly even 3 of.

Tale's End -- Really like this card. Would like to run these as an answer to opponents Planeswalkers.

Narset, Parter of Veils/Swans of Bryn Argoll/Spirit of the Labyrinth -- put these aside as a possible alternative theme to run. Allowing myself to run swans immune to damage, but also preventing any extra cards to be drawn by my opponent for it.

Godhead of Awe - really liked the idea of running these, however casting cost is just to high. Would love to find a deck, or build a deck around these.

Windborn Muse -- love the Idea of building a pillow fort/tax Spirit deck. Have ran 2x of these in my sideboard many times and swapped them in for game two. The 4cmc is a bit of a pain, especially if I'm able to finally play mid to late game, and the 2 cost to attack isn't an issue for my opponent. Shrug guess it's just a pet card, and I can't help but like it.

Geist of Saint Traft -- used to main deck these, but slowly they were pulled to sideboard. And even pulled from there even later on. Though 2 have managed to come back into sideboard, I believe I will replace them with Hanged Executioner, and put the Geists a different deck or unless I build deck up to be Bant colors.

Over all the 2 weakness of the deck that stand out to me the most. Is card advantage/drawing and life recovery. They're have been many games where I was forced into playing my hand out and leaving me top decking, its at these times I strongly wished I had an answer to this. My ideas to answer this are undecided, I've considered running Remand, Ojutai's Command. I strongly favor Azorius Charm due to its ability to have an answer to both issues.

Next comes life gain, while playing against burn decks, or any strong aggro decks, where I lose quite a bit of life quickly in the start of game, stacked with some life loss from fetchs, etc. I found that if I was able to gain even just 3-4 life, it would allow me to recover enough to turn it around, and put me just out of bolt range. My considerations have included Blessed Alliance, Azorius Herald, Kami of False Hope. As stated above, I've highly considered Azorius Charm, giving me the option to draw a card or gain lifelink, the 3rd choice of removing a creature to top of library is a helpful choice too, while attempting to turn the tempo around to my favor. But most of the time the life loss for me is made up for damage to opponents. It obviously doesn't matter if I win with 2 life, or 10 life.

Any suggestions or thoughts or questions are gladly welcomed. I feel having someone elses different views can be a substantial for improvement.


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