Everyone likes a one-sided boardwipe. All Earthquake and Breath of Darigaaz ask is that we play flying creatures.

What flying creatures best encourage our opponent to commit resources to race us? Well, Infect ones, probably, but it's easier to hit critical mass on Lifelink.

Understandably, Lifelink fliers tend to have a bit of a Power deficiency at common. Enter Bonesplitter, Angelic Page, and Supply-Line Cranes .

Angelic Wall and Rukh Egg are there for us when blocking is just more efficient than Lifelink.

All that lifelink and boardwipe kept us alive, but we can't close it out? Dawnglare Invoker and Oblivion Ring ought to stop anything keeping us from ticking 'em down.



ibstudent2200 says... #1

Needs Lightning Bolt , and less Supply-Line Cranes . If you want 3 power for 5 mana, go with Custodi Squire , because the value you get out of returning a card to hand is way more than the 3-4 life you'll gain from the +1/+1 counter on a lifelinker.

I also disagree that the best way to commit an opponent's resources is via lifelink. The best way to make them commit is to put more power onboard. Lifelink doesn't encourage racing nearly as much, because they aren't dying as quickly.

October 25, 2014 1:02 p.m.

gnikrul says... #2

Thanks... You're probably right about the Supply-Line Cranes, though the good likelihood that I'll be using this in multiplayer games a decent chunk of the time makes the Custodi Squire a bit less attractive. As for including bolts, I worry that they'll just kill things the Breath or Quake would have caught anyway, and I have o-rings for the exceptions... It is hard to argue with their sheer efficiency, but I'm going to try going without them for now.

November 5, 2014 8:53 p.m.

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