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Modern Mill U/B (Dimir)



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...Creatureless Mill.. This deck is now paper complete and has yet to see any action on FNM modern night. I know i will get beat pretty handily by top tier decks as people have continued to point out but it fares really well in testing and i KNOW it will be a lot of fun to play.

Some of the changes i have made recently are the addition of Black Sun's Zenith and Tamiyo, the Moon Sage also a card that was advised that i passed on not really seeing the value of it until i play tested with was Ensnaring Bridge (which makes this much more difficult to deal with)

Added a couple of Crypt Incursion to lifegain and remove from the graveyard any threats like Bloodghast and to really hate on Zombie players.

Junk took a hit with the banning of DRS so i expect more splinter twin and tron type decks in my meta. I have added some Go for the Throat in my sideboard for those type of decks. i am also in the process of building a storm deck on paper to have something a bit more competitive o take to my local shop and surprise the guys that know i am a renewed NOOB!!

All in all i happy with this build. Lots of time and effort has gone into it with lots of suggestions from too many to name. I would like to just a say a quick thank you to everyone who has given me advice along the way.


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I finally managed to catch a modern night while in country at my LCS Comics Unlimited. It did not do great but i want expecting it to. I was expecting it to be fun and in that category it more than fulfilled my hopes. I went 1/3 overall. Not one match was a shutout. Each game of each match had the person sitting across from me scrambling and trying to get a kill in as fast as possible. My last two matches actually had people hovering around to see how it played and that made me feel pretty damn good to be honest. The match i did win was taken down thanks to ensnaring bridge. The guy had no answers for it and i just milled away his deck the second game saw his plan actually work with a turn three win, and the final game was the bridge keeping his fat body off of me and tamiyo tapping down his little fella until she ulted out then i was able to glimpse him three times for the deck in that same turn. Kiki pod smoked my ass on game two and three of our match A mono red direct damage golbin build took me down 2/1 with me decking him before he could get the win in game two. And the game people where actually hovering around to watch was against a kiddo who most people find annoying (and the were rooting for me) but he had never really bothered me. I mean he is a kid , what do you expect. He was playing an affinity deck that i sideboarded for to win game two but was just too fast with those batterskulls and thopters. I gotta say it was worth the price of the deck to build it since it is my first original Modern format deck.


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