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Here is my first crack at a dragon deck with slumbering dragon in it. Plus the only one I know of like this at the time. The idea is to try and get Slumbering Dragon out turn one and then get Ring of Valkas on it by turn 3. Maybe even more of them on him by turn 4. Turn 5 your trying to get out one of the big dragons to swing for a lot of damage and eventually game. I have won with Slumbering Dragon himself by getting him swinging at turn 5 with 2 ring of valkases and a volt charge proliferating; also the opponent hit me once as well.

I am thinking of adding Moonveil Dragon to this as well, but i can't find my English version of the card only my Japanese version so i would like to wait to add him till I find that. Anyway please give some suggestions on cards to add, and please stay away from the sets that are leaving once return to ravnica comes out. Yes i know i have new pherexia in there, but i'm looking for cards to replace them. Again with that in mind please leave me some ideas for this deck down bellow....

Thank you for checking out my deck!!!!

P.S. I can't find my Acquireboard when i look at this deck so ill post it here...3x Faithless Looting1x Geosurge 2x Infernal Plunge2x Lightning Prowess 2x Magmaquake2x Red Sun's Zenith 2x Shock1x Thundermaw Hellkite1x Volt Charge I have most of these cards but i need to look through some boxes to find them and I'm a little lazy right now..lol.. This is why there is only 1 faithless looting but i am thinking of putting in 2 or 3 of them maybe even 4. Same with the other good cards in the Acquireboard.

Anyway Thanks Again.. Bye.


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