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Sludge Strider: the artifact's dance

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I have seen people make some decks known as Pauper Commander decks which I find fun and cheap for a filthy causal like me.

Pauper Commander rules: (encase you didn't know) a deck must be a 100 card deck with a commander. all cards except the commander are common cards. the Commander can be any uncommon creature. other than that it has all the same rules as Commander.

I picked my commander to be Sludge Strider because it is in my favorite colors and has an artifact theme.

My deck is all about cards entering and leaving of the battle field example returning artifacts to hand (examples:Aegis Automaton, Ancestral Statue, Glint Hawk and Guardians of Koilos) and sacrifice artifacts (examples:Defiant Salvager, Moriok Replica, Neurok Replica, Sage of Lat-Nam and many more).

If I am sacrificing creatures I will need a way to bring them back so I have cards like Frantic Salvage and Drafna's Restoration which are great for getting multiple artifact cards from graveyard with the only "draw" back being that they get put on top of my deck but you do get to choose which ones and in what order. I also have some other cards that grant me recursion to my hand like Fortuitous Find, Mine Excavation, and Remember the Fallen.

There are a couple of cards that do "stuff and things" when artifacts enter the battlefield and cast Sludge Strider, Ancestral Statue, Architects of Will, Arsenal Thresher, Artificer's Assistant, Cabal Paladin, Ethersworn Shieldmage, Glassdust Hulk, Glaze Fiend, Glint Hawk, Leonin Elder, Thraben Inspector, Cogworker's Puzzleknot and Golem Foundry.


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I have removed Drafna's Restoration , and Frantic Salvage because of a good suggestion by Feyamius and a bit of play testing I have replaced them with Deep Analysis , and Treasure Cruise I have replaced with good reason too. Deep Analysis has been giving me consistent card draw with not much of a draw back and Treasure Cruise gives me some good card draw with the downside of tossing cards I don't need to reanimate


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