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The Winning Combo is: Psionic Sliver + Spiteful Sliver by self dealing damage and deal 5 damages/tapping sliver. This is helped by having haste with Cloudshredder Sliver and untapping with Dramatic Reversal . The +1+1 Slivers are there for helping this combo without losing creatures.

Syphon Sliver , if reaching the table, can help me in gaining life points, thus avoiding blocking attacking creatures of the opponent, and letting me have alive my slivers. Collected Company and Descendants' Path are there for casting faster the slivers. Gemhide Sliver / Manaweft Sliver and Birds of Paradise do the same, creating mana. Homing Sliver can help having the "combo" in the hand

This is a "slow" slivers deck, the core of the deck is not to attack or block, but just doing damage whit tapping. I've thought about 2 x Sliver Hivelord so i can take my own damage and not get destroyed.

4 x Dregscape Sliver (i can put in the field some slivers that i had to sacrifice).

2 x Hibernation Sliver (i can pay and return in the hand some slivers that was going to die for my own damage).

2 x Diffusion Sliver (i can make harder to remove one of the mine).

2 x Darkheart Sliver (if someone is going to die anyway, i can gain some life points). 4 x

And finally: 4 x Lightning Bolt or Lightning Helix .

3 x Blasphemous Act + Spiteful Sliver (i do 13 damages to every slivers i have, thus meaning, with Spiteful Sliver, 13 damages on the enemy)

Can you help me in judging this? Have you in mind some card i can add/remove to make this more efficient?thank you


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