Sliver Wars

Sliver Wars: A New Hope

Help me Sliver Overlord, you're my only hope.

Silly combos all over the place, or you can just beat down your opponent. This is my first attempt at an EDH deck, and it seemed apropos that it'd be slivers. I've been playing MTG for 2 decades, and always liked slivers. I browsed around the sliver decks on this site and looked for the interesting synergies they had, and this is what I threw together drawing inspiration from those. This is my paper DL, I'm working on getting the rest of the dual lands.

Tons of infinite combos with Sliver Queen obviously. At the same time, all the most relevant tutors are in the deck, that along with healthy draw strategies, this makes for an overall fun deck to play with...Maybe it's competitive, maybe it isn't, I don't know yet.

But it can play Sliver Overlord on turn 2, or ugin on turn 3 if the right cards land in your hand:

  1. Mana Crypt, Ancient Tomb, Sol Ring
  2. Cascading Cataracts, Sliver Overlord. Silly.



Winrar Combos

  • Sliver Queen + one of Mana reduction, etc + one of Mana Generation Outlets = Infinite Slivers *
  • Sliver Queen + one of Creature Mana Cards + one of Haste Slivers + Intruder Alarm = Infinite Slivers

*Depends on specific combinations of cards within those groups

Nice combos that can winrar:

The deck can also spit out very grindy strategies, with cards like Armageddon along with Necrotic Sliver or even Harmonic Sliver can scare the heck out of play groups.

What I have found to be the most ideal way of getting to a combo, is by tutoring specific cards with your Sliver Overlord generally in an order that closely resembles this (very dependent on colors being played):

  • Crystalline Sliver (I generally fetch this right after I get the overlord out against all colors but mono red).
  • Sliver Hivelord (If the threat of mass removal exists, or against mono-red)
  • Sliver Queen + rest of combo pieces, you can eot tutor and make a dude every turn until you win from this point.

If the combos are broken, you can always tutor for Sliver Legion and masacre the rest of peeps.

I will keep tweaking it and posting updates as I play with it, but this is gonna be my main casual deck for multiplayer EDH.



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