Slivers! Lots of them! With the announcement of the M14 slivers I decided it was time to dig out the slippery bastards and build a commander deck.

The plan is not complicated - Varied mana base & support spells in order to cast Sliver Overlord. Sliver tutor party ensues. Bathing in the tears of your opponents also ensues.

Choose Your Own Adventure

So you've made the conscious decision to brew a sliver deck...

Step 1: A preemptive apology to your friends is a good idea.
Step 2: Choose your filthy sliver general.

Wizards have graciously bestowed the gift of 4 viable 5 colour sliver legends to choose from, catering to all different styles of play:

  • Sliver Hivelord: If resilience is what you're after, reliably granting your swarm indestructibility is pretty appealing.
  • Sliver Legion: Do you want huge slivers? Well you can have huge slivers.
  • Sliver Overlord: This tends to be the go to choice due to the sheer utility Overlord enables.
  • Sliver Queen: The legend that started it all. If you have a penchant for infinite combos, Queen is the no-brainer.

  • If you want your deck to be hyper-competitive, you should choose Queen. Because she enables so many busted, game ending combos, it just makes sense to have her ready and waiting in the command zone for when you're ready to hit the 'I win' button. Stack your deck full of counterspells, ramp and tutors and bide your time until you have your combo pieces assembled. Indisputably powerful, but that style of play certainly isn't for everyone. Also, if by chance you don't draw into your tutors or combo pieces, you just might find yourself top decking with nothing to do except spit out little baby slivers and that is the primary reason I prefer Overlord. Yes, Overlord is clunky & slow. Yes, it's absolutely terrible if someone is able to Control Magic Overlord (Homeward Path is an auto-include here - trust me, I learned the hard way)...But he's just so much fun! He also ensures that you're able to do something every turn, usually something really evil.

    And then you have the other 2 legends (Hivelord & Legion). They're definitely strong, but IMHO they're both much better suited as one of the 99. The beautiful thing about building a 5 colour sliver deck is that you could feasibly try out all 4 as the general - the deck I've assembled could quite happily interchange Overlord & Queen as the general. Hell, if you're feeling bold one night, lay all 4 of them on the table and let your playgroup choose what you play. WILDNESS!!

    Slivers, shenanigans & you


    Oh boy, where to even begin. Slivers are hated because they're so synergistic - if you threw 30 random slivers together in a deck with little to no thought it would still be formidable. The moment you start honing the sliver choices, the combos start to appear by default. Here's a few of the silly things the slivers in this deck are capable of...

    As previously mentioned, Sliver Queen really allows you to unleash hell. Let's start by talking about a few of the more ridiculous things you can do with our Queen:

  • Sliver Queen + Blur Sliver/Heart Sliver + Gemhide Sliver/Manaweft Sliver/Cryptolith Rite + Basal Sliver = mana. What do we do with all that mana you ask? Well if Overlord is on the table you can play every sliver in your deck for the win.
  • Sliver Queen + Basal Sliver + Dormant Sliver = card draw. Simply sacrifice Dormant to Basal/Darkheart/Necrotic or bump him back to your hand with Hibernation Sliver when you've had enough.
  • Sliver Queen + Basal Sliver + Heartstone/Training Grounds = slivers. Usually game over if you have a haste enabler in play, probably a rage scoop if you have Necrotic Sliver out as well.
  • Sliver Queen + Mana Echoes = slivers.

  • So yeah. Sliver Queen. Pretty crazy. Let's move on to our commander of choice, the one and only Sliver Overlord! Every sliver in the deck serves a specific purpose so why not have a general that can tutor up your weapon of choice? On top of that, Overlord's secondary ability allows for some sneaky stuff:

  • Sliver Overlord + Amoeboid Changeling: Turn your opponent's creature into an honorary sliver and invite him over to the swarm.
  • Sliver Overlord + Paradox Engine: If you happen to have the dorks, rocks or cost reduction tools in play, this is another glorious way to get all of your slivers onto the table.

  • If you're unable to assemble any of the above, you can always resort to winning the old fashioned way via sliver beat down (Sliver Legion + Shifting Sliver come to mind). Because the sliver threats are big & scary, you'll need to come prepared with some answers to avoid anyone messing with your sliver agenda - it's always a good idea to run a healthy suite of counterspells, ramp, recursion, removal & tutors to ensure maximum resiliency.

    As you can see, quite the abundance of shenanigans. Slivers are loathed for a reason, perhaps the above has shed some light as to why.


    Updates Add

    Having spent the last few years with a beat down style sliver deck, not only was it not as effective as I wanted it to be, it was also getting a little stale...time to spice things up a little! Another important factor, Overlord is fantastic but also very slow - as it turns out, an 8 mana/5 colour tutor isn't exactly efficient. With these thoughts in mind, I've decided to give the deck a significant overhaul with 2 goals in mind: improve reliability + increase shenanigans.

    I've taken out most of the pump slivers in favour of a few effective combo slivers. I've also learned that I need some disruption to avoid the hive mind's mortal enemy - board wipes. Anyway, here's the change list:

    Out: Aphetto Dredging, Coat of Arms, Constricting Sliver, Distant Melody, Horned Sliver, Magma Sliver, Megantic Sliver, Might Sliver, Predatory Sliver, Root Sliver, Shared Animosity, Synapse Sliver, Syphon Sliver, Telekinetic Sliver, Thorncaster Sliver, Toxin Sliver, Ward Sliver

    In: Basal Sliver, Commander's Sphere, Counterspell, Crypt Sliver, Darkheart Sliver, Darksteel Ingot, Disallow, Dormant Sliver, Enlightened Tutor, Firewake Sliver, Living Death, Mystical Tutor, Paradox Engine, Quick Sliver, Swan Song, Voidslime, Winged Sliver

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this refreshed build performs.

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