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Only Meat Hooks and Superfriends Will Survive

Commander / EDH* Budget Casual Control Five Color Multiplayer Sliver




This deck's got a few plans. One plan is to break the symmetry of many powerful effects. Things like board wipes and card draw effects. Another plan is to build an indestructible army of huge slivers. All the while protecting Planeswalkers so they can do their work.

Deck Notes

  • I added the "Howling Mine collection" a while back because of a few reasons. First this deck needs to advance it's mana every turn. Second it's great for making multiplayer games go faster, and most importanty it's fun.

  • Notion Thief is not actually important and rarely lives long, but can draw so many cards if it does. And it's hilarious to me.

  • The slivers included are mostly just "pump lords" currently. This is not an "all in" tribal sliver deck. The slivers are mainly there to protect the superfriends and eventually serve beatings after board wipes. Slivers are planeswalker police apparently.

  • Board wipes are central to the deck and it's function. One of the best ways that this deck can take over a game is playing something that kills everything thats not a planeswalker or indestructible sliver like Nevinyrral's Disk or Pernicious Deed.

  • With the ramp spells I decided on cards that make extra land drops because they have synergy with drawing extra cards, crappy slow tap-lands and board wipes.

This deck plays lots of permanent cards and also lots of board wipes, so there are many synergy considerations to make when choosing cards to include. Ideas are welcome! Thanks :)

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