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This deck's plan is to play a million lands and let everyone draw a million cards. Then we steal the opponent's cool stuff and kill them with it.

Deck Notes

  • I built around Howling Mine and Exploration effects because it's fun to do it big.

  • Notion Thief is not actually important and rarely lives long, but can draw so many cards if it does. And it's hilarious to me. It fits in with the subtheme of stealing opponent's resources.

  • Board wipes are central to the deck and it's function. Gotta reset the board occasionally after giving away so many cards to opponents.

  • With the ramp spells I decided to max out on cards that make extra land drops because they have synergy with drawing extra cards, crappy slow bounce-lands and board wipes that kill mana rocks.

  • The ability to constantly recur things with Eternal Witnesses is supported by the never ending recursion engines Genesis and Muldrotha, the Gravetide. Gotta rebuild after board wipes, they will happen often. And to replay Notion Thief over and over because he never lives long.

  • Minor blink etb subtheme also. Because more value. More!! VALUE!!!

This deck plays lots of permanent cards and also board wipes, so there are many synergy considerations to make when choosing cards to include. Ideas are welcome! Thanks :)

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