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When I used to play many, many years ago. I used to have a Sliver deck. I recently got back into the game and my playgroup and I pretty much only play commander. I felt kind of bad my old Sliver deck has just been sitting there in my closet, so I decided to make an attempt at a Sliver Commander deck.

I mostly play Kitchen table, but I hope to have a quick enough deck to maybe compete in a local game store league or a minor tourney. The deck is built off most cards I already have laying around, either from my old Sliver deck or from some packs I have opened. My attempt was at a kind of sliver toolbox, use the SO'lord to bring out any of the Sliv's I may need, and swing wide when opportunities present themselves. I also added a bit of a personal twist to take control of peoples creatures. I usually add a bit of "that's mine now" to my decks.

I drew some inspiration from the well put together a list from LVL_666's "The Queen's Egg Deck," as well as some of his comments.


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