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Hello guys!

This is my new sliver tryout EDH deck.I practically own them all, except for Vampiric Tutor and Survival of the Fittest (need to find it).

The Mss. got me the Premium Slivers Deck, and I built it from there. I think it's pretty solid, and it's is very fun to play :p

I've contemplated a bit between the general(s), either Sliver Legion, Sliver Queen or Sliver Overlord.I've chosen the Legion finally, because as an castable whenever-i-can Coat of Arms seems too good to pass up. I might change my mind, because the Sliver Overlord can tutor-up which-ever Sliver you might wanna go get... but I've tried to take care of this through some spells such as Tunnel Vision, Survival of the Fittest, Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, Diabolic Intent, Wild Pair, while then profiting from the Coat of Arms effect the Sliver Legion keeps on giving.

Amoeboid Changeling for notorious shenanigans with Sliver Overlord.There's a good bunch of from-graveyard-to-hand or to-battlefield for making Tunnel Vision more awesome in this deck, as well as reaction to boardwipes.

For the Mana-base, I've brewed the best I could with lands that I actually own. Sure, you can start putting in oldskool duals and the fetchlands but, yeah I feel this suffices and doesn't force me to go through multiple thousands of bucks.


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