Sliver Deck on a Budget

Standard Budget R/G/W (Naya) Sliver

GamerKingFaiz Score: 7


Very fun deck to play, play as many creatures as you can and try to overwhelm your opponent! Keep your momentum up and you're sure to gain victory.

Supreme Verdict is our worst enemy. Detention Sphere can also ruin our momentum.

Be sure to try and get out the Manaweft Sliver ASAP, as the mana ramp it gives all slivers can get out of control (e.g. turn 4 Megantic Sliver).

Gods Willing, Ready from Ready / Willing, and the indestructible part of Boros Charm are all helpful in protecting our slivers. Ready is a great combat trick that allows you to tap your slivers in your attack phase and then play it during your opponent's attack phase to be able to untap and make all your creatures indestructible!

Ghor-Clan Rampager is the only non-sliver creature card in this deck and he should only ever be used for his discard price in order to really do some damage to your opponent.


Took out the 3xPacifism and 3xHive Stirrings in favor of 3xGods Willing and 3xReady (from Ready / Willing.

Put in 3 Ghor-Clan Rampager replacing 1x Thorncaster Sliver , 1x Sentinel Sliver, and 1x Megantic Sliver.

Still contemplating about putting in Striking Sliver.


thedoctor5445 says... #1

First off, I love these sliver decks. But more to the point, I have some recommendations. So, you hate Supreme Verdict ? Play Door of Destinies ! The next time you drop a sliver, it will be massive! I'm not going to recommend any expensive land to you, since your on a budget, but have you thought of putting in a Boros Guildgate or a Gruul Guildgate ? Also, if you have the money, the scrylands from Theros are only around $5. It may be to expensive for you, but it's just a recommendation. Also, you may want too add some removal to your deck. Warleader's Helix never hurt anyone to play, a copy of two of Mizzium Mortars could just about save the day. Also, if those are too expensive, there is Lightning Strike , which can also hit players.

November 9, 2013 7:23 a.m.

HappehNinja says... #2

I previously suggested Gods Willing as a potentially good defense against spot removal. However, it works at it's finest with Striking Sliver on the mainboard (in my case, it would be Galerider Sliver ).

Here's an example of the usual case scenario with Striking Sliver , Manaweft Sliver and Gods Willing :

  • Turn One: Cast a Striking Sliver
  • Turn Two: Cast a Manaweft Sliver and DON'T attack with your Striking Sliver . If your opponent cast's something at the end of your turn, or during his turn you have Gods Willing watching your back. If it doesn't go like this, proceed to the additional turn below.

  • BONUS Turn Three - Drop up to two slivers or a Bonescythe Sliver and don't engage on combat in order to protect a sliver from a spot removal with Gods Willing , or to save your slivers from a potential Supreme Verdict with a Boros Charm (if playing againts control).

November 9, 2013 8:08 a.m.

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1 missing from calculation

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