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The overall strategy of this deck is to use cheaply costing mill cards (CMC less than 3) which burn through my enemy's deck. Please give me any advice or comment on what you think. Lastly, don't forget to rate please.

My favorite, and only real combo in this deck is using Painter's Servant with Grindstone. Turn everything to blue, than every time a player plays a spell, I gain 1 life as well with Kraken's Eye . Using Painter's Servant , I'm able to mill out a whole deck using Grindstone in one move.

Using Jace Beleren and Visions of Beyond I can draw cards to keep me from top decking which gets annoying and hard to do with a cheap mana costing deck.

I side Undead Alchemist simply because I know people who have anti-mill decks and cards. With Undead Alchemist, I exile creatures, making those anti-mill creatures and cards rather useless. Undead Alchemist also gives me creature tokens to defend myself from attacks.

Estimated Max Mill Damage: 68 From just 8 cards. Can do more if conditions are met.


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I am currently planning to take Slim Fast to a local Legacy tournament. I really need to update it though. So any advice would be nice. I am still trying to keep my theme of low costing mill cards. I am also adding a bigger side deck.

The side deck is going to be the following:

2x Curse of the Swine

4x Dissipate

2x Polymorphist's Jest

4x Guard Gomazoa

I am still looking for the cards from my last update... Any advice on where I can get them for cheap?

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