The name of the game is Flying whales and energy. Pump up the energy. Unleash the uncommon and rare flying whales. Midrange Rampy Simic Whales & Reptiles. If you don't like it, go shoot it out your blowhole.

Playing with this deck be like:

Thriving Turtle - Gets the Aether rolling. Pump him up a couple times to block anything they throw at you and you'll be sure to have a whale of a time.

Longtusk Cub - Cute little guy, until he gets energized and all of a sudden he's a whaleshark.

Attune with Aether & Servant of the Conduit - Fix that mana before the blubber spoils. Banned :(

Rogue Refiner & Glimmer of Genius - Get energy and draw cards! Gotta find dem rare whales! Banned :(

Empyreal Voyager - Gonna poke you like a narwhal. Pairs well with Highspire Infusion.

Aetherwind Basker & Bristling Hydra - "I want ya'll to suck my Lizard, Lizard. You bitches wanna f*# me when you smell my under-arm." -ODB

Architect of the Untamed - Sometimes you need to go beast mode with the Baleen.

Bounty of the Luxa - Gotta get that sonar bleeping and blipping.

Fabrication Module - Consult your physician if you have an energy-erection lasting over 4 hours.

Long-Finned Skywhale - You know what they say about long-finned whales... This dude's a load of a sperm whale. Play more of when going aggro; less on the draw yo.

Aethertide Whale - Rare Humpback-to-your-hand whale.

Aethersquall Ancient - Cannonball! When the aethersquall jumps into the pool, there's not even water left. Bounce em, play em again, rebuild energy, bounce em again, attack face. Great vs go wide and token strategies.

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