Inspired by a comment by rckclimber777 on another deck of mine. Abuses the INSANELY broken card Slag Fiend !!!!!

Help me make this as competitive as can be! I know this is an awful idea, but I share the sentiment with rckclimber777 when he says he wants to make Slag Fiend work in a deck, so this is my attempt at it.Get artifacts in the bin quickly, swing a bit (at your own discretion, of course), and Fling for game if necessary.

Latest Additions: Shrine of Burning Rage and Sphere of the Suns . I finally made room for these bad boys. Shrine is a great win condition, and the Sphere is great to sacrifice so that you can use it even after its primary function is done! This upped the numbed of artifacts in the deck by 2 or 3, so I am giving the Slag Fiend what he wants!!


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