So here we have a simple build around the Merfolk Skydiver . I bought the Jace Arcane Strageist pre-con deck, played it a few times and then decided to tweak it a bit.

The deck focuses on adding +1/+1 counters, exploring, proliferating, card draw and aggressive attacking. I don’t like using blue to completely control and counter, as it’s not really fun, nor does it take much skill to design a deck like that. The deck contains only 2 counter spells and 2 return spells; No Escape and Jace's Ruse .

There are multiple good opening hand options, I won’t bother going through them all. It all depends on what your plan is. Ultimately I like Incubation Druid on turn 2 and drop a Merfolk Skydiver on turn 3, giving the counter to the druid. So on turn 4 you have 6 mana. I’ve been lucky enough to cast the Pelakka Wurm on turn 5 in some cases. I like using Rescuer Sphinx to bounce Merfolk Skydiver and Jadelight Ranger .

There are lots of great counter combos here that make creatures big fairly quickly. And Stealth Mission just makes those creatures even more detrimental to an opponent.

Please feel free to comment and make some suggestions. And, let me know if any of you try the deck and how it performed for you.


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