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Skullbriar, the Walking Grave - Competitive Voltron Control

(For 1v1 EDH only, this deck is bad in pods)

The goal of this deck is to control your opponent's board state well enough to deal combat damage with Skullbriar, the Walking Grave six times. Due to the increase in Skullbriar's power each time you deal combat damage, the damage intervals line up as follows:

1 -> 3 -> 6 -> 10 -> 15 -> 21

Since any increases in Skullbriar's power totaling less than six over the coarse of the game do not cause you to win any faster, I opted to instead focus on the control aspect of the deck (with few exceptions: Might of Oaks and Become Immense ). An important card worth mentioning and tutoring for is Necropotence which gives you significant card advantage over your opponent in addition to allowing your to draw instant-speed kill spells at your end step to be played on your opponent's next turn. The majority of the other cards in the deck are split into three categories:

Removal - Cards such as Murder and Nature's Claim should be used to destroy creatures that could block Skullbriar as well as any noncreature threats (also included a small amount of land destruction)

Discard - Cards like Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek that force your opponent to discard and limit their options

Protection - Cards such as Ranger's Guile and Autumn's Veil are used to protect Skullbriar and ensure that it is dealing combat damage consistently


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