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Novosh had been dispatched to kill a dragon. His blade and mace drawn, he climbed over the warm-plated ground to where the dragon last struck, where woman and children were taken. It was night and Novosh felt the chill wind cool his natural body steel, causing the barbarian to shiver for the first time since childhood. The nights in the Oxidda Chain used to be warm, even after the suns set, but recently there had been cooler winds.

It was the chill that distracted him.

Novosh felt panic as he was lifted into the air, the massive dragons claw wrapped around his torso making it so he could no longer expand his chest to breathe. He swung wildly at its massive wrist, twice as big as Novoshs own body. Both sword and mace stuck into decayed flesh, splitting the dragons scales like dry mud. The dragon raised the Mirran man to his face, turning its head so Novosh was looking into its massive left eye.

Do you hear her whispering?

The voice was quiet, calm. It was as if a human man was speaking, but from the dragons throat.

Do you hear her whispering?

Novosh couldnt even reply now, he could barely inhale. He saw the dragon, rotting and decayed. He felt another cold wind and heard the squirming sound of the dragons exposed and rotting gut.

She came to me in whispers. Now I speak for her. Do you hear her?

The dragon pulled Novosh towards its eye. He shook his head to say no. Novosh saw the dragon begin to cry, dark black tears. It moved him under the oil, and Novosh tried to fight, but the only breath he could take, caused him to inhale and choke on the tears.

Then Novosh heard the whispers...

Your meta filled with filthy combo decks? sick of control? Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon hears you and he's here to help!

Potentially the fastest player killing commander available what he lacks in versatility he makes up for in raw power.And unlike other powerful voltron commanders Skithiryx does something unique.He puts the fear of god into your opponents!

The moment you reveal your playing an infect commander the rest of the table are already against you and so for that reason there's no playing nice with Skithiryx,You either win or you die...

These are the cards that turn Skithiryx into a one or two shot kill.In mono black there are a lot of good options for this most of which rely on swamp count (hence the high number of swamps) of course we are running other creatures so most of these cards can be used in conjunction with those too.

Nightmare Lash,Lashwrithe,Cranial Plating, strata sythe and Shade's Form all have the potential to turn him into a one hit kill your likely going to want to set one of these up on the battlefield before bringing him out.

A special mention is given to Unspeakable Symbol which is always a one hit kill and with the right combination of cards allows for a turn three kill!

Other equipment offers utility such as Sword of the Animist that ramps or Loxodon Warhammer that attempts to undo some of the damage your doing to yourself!

Grafted Exoskeleton allows all the non infect creatures in the deck to become deadly attackers and is terrifying when put on a Phyrexian Obliterator.

Playing Skithiryx,the blight dragon you'll likely find yourself targeted by every other player at the table and so your going to need to get skithiryx out and start killing players before they have time to react.

I recommend 10-15 mana rocks and I personally run Dark Ritual as a great early game mana acceleration,a bit of a dead draw in the late game however.

As I'm on a budget I've chosen to run two transmute cards to replace some of the more expensive tutors,Dimir Machinations and Dimir House Guard.The deck has been designed so either of these has a good selection of cards to fetch depending on the situation so they function almost like 3cmc fully fledged tutors.

For draw I'm using Necropotence and Phyrexian Arena as these offer more long term reward than one shot draw effects and Necropotence can allow massive draw and is especially good with a Reliquary Tower or Thought Vessel on the field.

Blightsteel Colossus-A great late game finisher if skithiryx has been killed a few too many times and the only other infect creature worth talking about.

Massacre Wurm-A lot of the creatures in this deck have in built removal to try and cut the hordes of creatures that will be trying to smash your face in,wurm kills token hordes and can kill a player easily if they have assembled a large army of tokens.

Mindslicer/Phyrexian Obliterator- both of these creatures serve a similar purpose with them on the field no one wants to attack you,Mindslicer can also be used to strip threats from players hands before bringing in Skithiryx.And Phyrexian Obliterator is a great attacker if you can give him infect.

Sheoldred, Whispering One-Ok I admit,this ones in here more for flavour but both abilities are still relevant and the swampwalk makes her another good exoskeleton target.

Necroskitter-play Black Sun's Zenith with this on the board and youve just stolen everyones creatures! otherwise it allows you to get some blockers and makes people think twice about blocking skithiryx with something good.

All the single target removal has been chosen as it can kill Skithiryx in the occasions that he is stolen.

There are board wipes at 3,4, and 5 cmc allowing the transmute cards to fetch one if need be.

Sudden Death and Sudden Spoiling were chosen to combat control decks and are both ways to stop the infamous Laboratory Maniac combo's.And Withering Boon and Imp's Mischief can be a great surprise to drop on your opponents.

This is the first commander deck i've built of this style (aggro,voltron) so if you have any ideas that could work for this deck all advice would be appreciated,I'm especially looking for cards that can disrupt control players or protect skithiryx when he's in play,attacking or being played. Thanks for reading!

When I get the cards I plan to make the following changes:

Sword of Light and Shadow for Loxodon Warhammer

Sword of Feast and Famine for Strata Scythe

Inkmoth Nexus for Swamp

Cavern of Souls for Swamp

High Market for Swamp

Karn Liberated for Spine of Ish Sah

Chrome Mox


Nirkana Revenant


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