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Mono Green Standard Turbo-Ooze

Standard Aggro Budget Mono-Green RG (Gruul)



This deck wants you to play your Season of Growth ASAP. Opening hand is best and your first one of these takes priority over everything else. Cast pump spells on your creatures, draw cards and play your oozes. This deck REALLY wants some Gnarlback Rhino in it but I cannot find room yet. Anyway, Other than playing Season of growth, this deck has no strategy to it what so ever. Why is there no strategy? Because you don't need one once you play that card. Just attack your opponent, play spells targeting your own creatures to make them bigger and play more creatures and attack with them and use the scorpion as a deterrent. That's....IT! If your opponent is killing your creatures or controlling the field than you are not doing it right and need to do it harder and if you are still having trouble than get more creatures and attack them even more....HARDER and better than you were before. That's pretty much it. Other than pump spells, no secrets, no tricks, no special tricky wizardly combos to subterfuge with cloaks and daggers while using that cloak and dagger as a lure until the plan you unleash your one TRUE master plan that you had all along when it's too late for your opponent to do anything about it....nope....just....ATTTAAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!! And if that isn't working get more forest friends and AATTTTAAAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!
Turn 1: Forest + Sedge Scorpion done Turn 2: Yo Land + Season of Growth Attack if opponent has no critters. Otherwise scorpion just sites there. Turn 3: Yo land + Barkhide Troll Attack and throw out a Giant Growth. You have now scy 1 and drawn a card. Turn 4 is when things will, as you can see, start really ramping from here. Everything is low mana cost so no real massive need for lots of mana excel, but you can trade the scorpion for an elf. This deck needs some good play testing and a bit of tweaking but I think a Mono Green ooze deck built off The Oozes since they will proc the season of growth each turn this will become something really NEAT!

This deck currently reflects what I actually have IRL for the deck. I need another Ooze and maybe those rhinos or something, I dunno. Since I want this deck to revolve around season of growth I want there to be a LOT of targeting my own creatures with special spells to make them bigger.


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