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I never quite got my simic deck to work during Return to Ravnica block, some of the blue and green cards in Theros seem pretty cool so I thought I'd try again...The idea is to build up +1/+1 counters on a hexproof creature then Bioshift them onto an unblockable creature (or just slap Aqueous Form onto the hexproof guy. Any thoughts are most welcome.


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Decided to do a major rethink on this, it needed more ways of building up that one creature, essentially this is a voltron deck so I am adding a bunch of enchantments, it's still geared around building up a hexproof creature, specifically Gladecover Scout these are the changes:

new in - 1x Thassa's Emissary, 1x Nimbus Naiad, 2x Trollhide, 1x Into the Wilds, 2x Oath of the Ancient Wood,

more of - +1x Forced Adaptation, +1x Ordeal of Thassa, +1x Elvish Mystic, +1x Gladecover Scout

out - 2x Agent of Horizons, 2x Staunch-Hearted Warrior, 1x Bioshift, 1x Hindervines 1x Voyage's End, 1xShipbreaker Kraken, 1x Rubbleback Rhino, 2x Nimbus Swimmer

I have so many enchantments because I am hoping to to trigger Oath of the Ancient Wood as much as possible


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