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Simic Warcaller

Modern Aggro Tribal



The idea here is to get Joraga Warcaller out and load it up with +1/+1 counters for the kill. Suggestions welcome!

Immaculate MagistrateJoraga WarcallerIncreasing Savagery

Mana ramping
Llanowar Elves Classic, 'nuff said.
Arbor ElfLlanomoar Elves.
Joraga Treespeaker One of my favorite mana elves. Always my turn 1 drop if I have 2 fast lands in my opener. Turn 2 the levelup pays for itself and turn 3 I have 5-7 mana depending on what I played turn 2.
Elvish Archdruid Expensive, but played on turn 2 it can be an enormous booster for turn 4.
+1/+1 counter generation
Immaculate Magistrate This with Joraga Warcaller is basically the win condition of the deck.
Increasing Savagery Another way to make Joraga Warcaller a fatty.
Burst of Strength Untaps the huge utility elves or makes Joraga Warcaller slightly fatter at instant speed. All-around useful.
Bramblewood Paragon Primarily here as a one-of that you can grab with Summoner's Pact to get some trample through pesky chump blockers.
Bramblewood Paragon Cheap trample-granter. See above.
Craterhoof Behemoth A bit pricy, but even better than Ezuri, Renegade Leader when you can afford it. Use with Summoner's Pact to make your final blow against a deck with chump blockers.
Ezuri, Renegade Leader Mass-regen and overrun. Awesome. Like the above two, this is an option for getting through chumps. It is the most expensive one.
Summoner's Pact Fetches Joraga Warcaller so you immediately target it with Immaculate Magistrate to potentially win the game. Alternatively fetches the overrun creatures. Central to the deck.
Lightning Greaves Alternative to Swiftfoot Boots that equips for cheaper and therefore allows elves to immediately give mana, but the shroud means less protection due to the necessity to unequip to perform certain functions.
Commune with Nature One of my favorite green card draw cards.


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