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Simic Partners: Kydele & Thrasios - Budget Combo

1v1 Commander* Budget Combo Forcefeed G/U (Simic) Mill Ramp



This deck is hilarious to pilot, all you do is draw cards and make mana. It does things like winning with Psychosis Crawler triggers or a huge Blue Sun's Zenith targeting the opponent. If Paradox Engine gets out then it can start getting real crazy, chaining Genesis Waves and Timetwisters until every permanent is in play in one turn. If you cast a draw 7 while Consecrated Sphinx or Thought Reflection is out along with an active Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix you draw 14 cards and then she taps for 14 more mana. Which is a pretty good way to seal up a game. Usually people scoop once I start generating 20-30 mana and dump it into Thrasios, Triton Hero too.

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