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I love hydras, it is even in my MTGA name. So what better to make than a Simic Hydroid Ramp deck! Currently only my lands are still wack and have no sideboard. I do only mostly play single match games on MTGA. Oh and small bonus, all cards are from the Ravnica block.

However, I need help. I find this deck to be to slow against aggro decks and not effective against control decks. Please leave some tips and tricks for me, thank you.

  • The deck just seems to slow in MTG Arena single game match-ups. I cannot seem to either get the big Hydroid Krasis or Pteramander on the board.
  • I frequently seem to need to top-deck / card draw problems.
  • Against Control my counters have no real effect and when I want to be aggressive here I get out-counter or removed spelled.
  • I have no board removal spells to get rid of creature or plainswalkers that get past my counter spells.


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