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Does well on Cockatrice against the aggro/blitz heavy meta.

The elf subtheme with Elvish Archdruid helps so much more than I thought it would, especially with the synergy with Master Biomancer.

That card, by the way, is the only blue in the main. It's such a house that you need it but mono green takes care of the rest fine. Like honestly, I can say that in maybe 1 in 12 games I have a 4/4 rancored Biomancer out and maybe even another that's 6/8. Yes, 11/11 Arbor Elves are scary and very possible.

The ability to flash in Yevas and Wolfir Avengers comes in handy a surprising amount of the time.

Against control the Strangleroot Geists and Experiment Ones can keep you strong during a Supreme Verdict though I do admit it sucks to be hit with one. Luckily you can usually beat them down in time, especially games 2 and 3.

Rancors are better than Increasing Savageries because 1) You really want to pump a Biomancer -> creature the turn after you play the Biomancer and 2) Trample gets past pesky chump blockers.

Sideboard: Deadly Recluse works really well against fliers like Falkenrath Aristocrat (obviously) and Boros Reckoners (not so obviously). Simic Charm for Mono red and some control, Deadbridge Goliath for matchups where you just need to stall the board a little bit better. Trackers are for decks with a lot of utility creatures.


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