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Simic Colossus Face Crusher

Standard Affinity Artifact Combo G/U (Simic)



This is a deck that ultimately revolves around getting Metalwork Colossus onto the battlefield as fast as possible. This is accomplished by using ramping artifacts such as Hedron Archive and Cultivator's Caravan to pump out a colossus on turn 4. Once you cast your first colossus, you can sacrifice Sanctum of Ugin to search your library for another colossus, or even an Elder Deep-Fiend so that you can tap down your opponent's board and let you get in with your 10/10. Some of the cards that make this deck different than every other colossus deck out there are Tireless Tracker and Sylvan Scrying. The tracker can make clues, which don't directly let you cast a colossus any faster, but can be used as sacrifices to get a colossus back to your hand from your graveyard. The tracker is also good at crewing the 6 vehicles in this deck, both Cultivator's Caravan and Skysovereign, Consul Flagship are crew 3, allowing the tracker to crew them with ease. Sylvan Scrying works perfectly with many of the lands in this deck, letting you search for a Sanctum of Ugin , or Hanweir Battlements to give any of your 10/10s haste. I am in no ways done with this deck, and I plan on modifying it greatly once the newest expansion comes out. I would also greatly appreciate any feedback you have to improve this deck.


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