Modern 5-color Human Tribal attempting to exploit the synergy of Human ETB Effects between Cavern of Souls to pump Thalia's Lieutenant and Champion of the Parish early using some simple ramping with Avacyn's Pilgrim and Noble Hierarch to potentially drop Collected Company turn 3 to double pump with Thalia's Lieutenant or play one of 3 Hanweir Garrison and +4/+4 next combat for lethal. The addition of Sin Collector , Reflector Mage and Path to Exile allow for any needed stall (1 or 2 turns) if the game gets a little grindy.

The Sideboard is all about trying to create the best match-ups when possible. Extra basic lands and some red based spells including Lightning Bolt for those inevitable Blood Moon matches, Natural State to try to deal with Affinity/Hate-bears/Boggles, Grand Abolisher to try and counter any control decks and Izzet Staticaster for Goblins/Aggro Tokens. There is also a copy of Eerie Interlude to deal with the potential of board wipes ( Languish / Anger of the Gods type things) or to blink a board state and trigger all ETB effects simultaneously.

I don't think that this is a perfect deck by any means but it sure is a lot of fun to play and can kill surprisingly quickly. Any input is always welcome and I can't wait to see some of your suggestions.


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